• Location: Tarifa

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100,00 €

  • 60 X 40
  • 90 x 60
  • 120 x 80
  • 150 x 100

Manuel Caminero is the photographer behind the brand Atlas Beach. Manuel has been traveling the world more than 10 years plus another 5 years providing his awesome clients the best and most exclusive beach photos.

Location Tarifa

Plexiglass / Acrylics

Our awesome pictures mounted under acrylic glass are crystal clear, elegant, and pure – the perfect solution for a modern stylish home/office. After several tests we found that Acrylics are the best way to present and showcase an Atlas Beach Artwork. The colors will pop up since the first moment.

Fine Art Prints

High quality metallic paper extra glossy carefully packed and delivered. This is a great way for non Europeans shipping or in case you want to frame it your way.

Gift Card

Somebody said once “Impossible is nothing”, so we truly believe it. Buy one of our Gift cards and you’ll have a 100% chance to find a great present to someone.

Valued for 6 months.

The price of the shipments varies according to the product and address.


Spain: 10 Euros
Europe: 20 Euros
Non European countries: 25


Spain: 10 Euros
Europe: 25 Euros
Non European countries: 35


Tabla de Tarifas

S (32 X 22)

Spain: 25 Euros
Europe: 35 Euros
Non European countries: 50

M (60 X 40)

Spain: 35 Euros
Europe: 35 Euros
Non European countries: 45

L (90 X 60)

Spain: 50 Euros
Europe: 55 Euros
Non European countries: 60

XL (120 X 80)

Spain: 65 Euros
Europe: 75 Euros
Non European countries: 85

XXL (160 X 100)

Spain: 90 Euros
Europe: 10 Euros
Non European countries: 120

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