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TARIFA by Manuel Caminero is a collection of images and stories in which is shown life in Tarifa. Storms, sunrises, aerial photos, beach lovers, kite surfers, waves and everything that happens in this incredible place. The collection of photos shown in this book is a selection among more than 40,000 photos taken during the last three years.

About the book:

  • 130 pages
  • Hardback
  • 210 x 297 mm
  • Over 196 photographs
  • Photography, design and production by Manuel Caminero
  • Intro: Marina Alabau


45,00 €


Plexiglass / Acrylics

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Tabla de Tarifas

S (32 X 22)

Spain: 25 Euros
Europe: 35 Euros
Non European countries: 50

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Spain: 35 Euros
Europe: 35 Euros
Non European countries: 45

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Spain: 65 Euros
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Non European countries: 85

XXL (160 X 100)

Spain: 90 Euros
Europe: 10 Euros
Non European countries: 120

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